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How can I get a high search engine ranking?

Search engines, such as Google, rank sites according to complex rules by which they judge the relevance of your site to the word(s) being used in the search.  These rules make it much more difficult to fool them into giving you a high ranking, especially for general search terms such as "lawyer".   Companies that promise to do this for you are in fact not able to reliably deliver these rankings.

It is possible to ensure that any search on your company name returns your web site at the top or close to the top of the list, and we do this as a matter of course. There are also a number of techniques that help get your site closer to the top on search words that are important to your business.   These involve regular submission of your site to search engines and listings sites, making sure your site has lots of text and description relevant to your business, and that links are placed in a relevant context, along with the judicious use of links pages and separate entry point pages.

We will work out, with you, which words are most important to your Internet profile.   These words then form the basis of your search engine presence.   When we build a site, we use these words and techniques to make sure the site is as search engine friendly as possible.   So when a search engine visits your site, it can easily find its key points and rank it accordingly.  One important thing to note, the longer your site is around, the more sites will link to it, and the higher it will tend to be ranked by virtue of its longevity and the number of sites linking to it.

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