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What are domain hosting and forwarding?

When a domain is hosted, the domain is permanently attached to the location of your web site.   Pages within your web site all then start with your domain.  A page called "Contact.htm" on a hosted domain "" would have a web address something like "".  This gives a very professional appearance.

With domain forwarding, the DNS merely points the domain to the home page on your web site.   If your site is actually hosted at something like "" typing in "" would take you to your homepage, but typing in "" would produce a "missing page" message.  You can only access pages within the site by clicking on links within it.  The "Contact.htm" page would actually have the address " YourFirm/Contact.htm" and this is how it would be listed on search engines.  Obviously this does not look quite as professional as a hosted domain and it is most useful where cost is an issue or where you have a number of secondary domain names, where one domain is hosted and the other is forwarded to the hosted domain.

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