Providing law firms with technology solutions

Many law firms manage a delicate balancing act between practicing law and administering their business, striving to obtain, service, and retain clients in a profitable and professional manner.  Our aim is to provide technology solutions that help firms meet client demands more effectively and that donít drain financial or staff resources.

Recognizing what technology solutions are available to enhance business operations and properly utilizing and managing software is challenging, especially when the integration of legal software, word processing, network software and the Internet are considered.  If your business does not have the technical expertise, it makes sense to hire someone to assist with these types of activities.  Let Incite Solutions put our technology solutions to work for your firm.


Our services for law firms range from building relatively simple Web sites to developing custom software to meet a specific business need, such as enhanced client relationship management (CRM).  We can build Web sites for firms that currently do not have one or modify an existing site to enable online incorporation services and e-commerce capability.  We can also automate data collection via the web by putting the information that your customers provide directly into the systems that are currently running your firmís business.

Other services include custom applications to assist with managing client information, automating business functions, building interfaces that can transfer data between one piece of software and another, modifying existing applications you already use, and assisting with upgrades to commercial software that you have previously purchased.

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